an afternoon with the graceful Pearl Portuguez

The Beauty of Pintaflores

an afternoon with the graceful Pearl Portuguez

The beauty of the Pintaflores has captivated every artist and every common person’s love for colors and pageantry which is what Pintaflores is all about. It has been years since I have made costumes for the celebration. This year, I have been given given the chance and for the nth time, I am striving to create the identity of the real Pintaflores which is the painting in the bodies and the importance of details and workmanship. Pintaflores is about culture and it is about bring out what is best of the City that it represents – unique and never fails to be unnoticed by all.

One icon that I can illustrate is the most photographed beauty of a girl whom I created a beautiful gown 5 or six years ago and now she is a picture of a true Pintaflores dancer – one who exudes grace in every movement and ome who is dedicated to her craft. Pearl is a decendant of the Valderrama-Portuguez clan and a highschool student of Colegio de Sto.Tomas Recoletos. We spent an afternoon with her for photography and fitting and despite the rain and the brown-out, the life and sunny personality of the most photographed Pintaflores dancer still prevailed.


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